We are part of a Group of the leading Independent Land Rover/ 4×4 Specialists, who aim to be the preferred choice of 4×4 owners for all service and repair work, as well as vehicle enhancement.

Vehicle Manufacturer Warranty
The EU rules have recently changed, and the Motor Manufacturers have accepted that any competent workshop can service their vehicles providing they use Genuine or Equivalent Quality parts, without invalidating the warranty.

For your peace of mind, our policy is to use only Genuine or Equivalent Quality parts in our workshops.

Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
This Government Department issued a report on vehicle warranty in Dec 2003, and one of their conclusions about servicing was:

“…franchised dealers are significantly more expensive than independent garages, and overall there is no clear difference in quality between the services offered by each…”

For your peace of mind, our trained technicians service your vehicles in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. In some cases we do more than recommended, based on our experience, in order to give you trouble free motoring.

Value for Money
For your peace of mind, your bill will be significantly less than you would pay at a franchised dealer for the same work. This is mainly because our overhead costs, particularly regarding expensive showrooms, are far lower. It is NOT as a result of us cutting corners.

For further peace of mind, we guarantee our work, in accordance with our terms and conditions of business, or as otherwise agreed.

email : 4×[email protected] tel : 01206 396644 fax : 01206 397117